Log Home and Ranch Project

Complete Custom Project

This log cabin and horse barn project took just over one year to complete and includes a Music Solution for the entire property, WiFi coverage throughout, Satellite TV, IP Video, Security System, and a horse riding arena equipped with Commercial Quality Sound. The key to this project was to keep the technology discreet, hidden, and non-intrusive to the log cabin design.


The exterior includes black Niles 6.5" all weather speakers providing patio music in all 6 sitting locations. The satellite is hidden on the back peak of the building out of sight from the road, lane way, and driveway.


The interior speakers are built into the ceiling and all run by the house Sonos system for a one app simple solution. Each open area has its own zone control to allow different songs and volumes to be played throughout. Many features such as WiFi Access Points and security are hidden out of sight. Custom plating was used throughout to ensure everything matched.


The equipment rack is basic and hidden away in the equipment room. The wire service loops, connecting wires, and some equipment are hidden in the walls and can be accessed through service panels. The security devices are hidden in closets and out of easy access. A 250' conduit was installed to connect the tower internet to the house, POE and lightning protection was added.


The horse barn was fully completed at the start of this project so all of my work was retro fitted. The system in the barn is an extension of the house to allow for one simple control interface. All the music from the home is available to play while working working in the workshop or riding horses in the arena. Security and Video is all available and monitored from anywhere.