As technology has advanced over the past decade, security has become more affordable for many people. At Weidmark Integrated Technologies I can customize your alarm system to fit your specific situation. The traditional alarm systems provide not just an intrusion alarm but can include fire, medical alert, and water disasters. A few minutes of warning can save thousands in damages, and possibly a life. Many people leave their homes empty during the days, weekends, and vacations but the modern security system let you keep an eye on it at all times. I provide my clients with a variety of camera options to add to their existing house or be built in from the construction stage.


Mobile Friendly
View the status of your home from your mobile! Many of today's alarm systems can be viewed from anywhere, giving you the freedom to arm and disarm your system from work or while on vacation.
Sensor Options
There are many more practical uses for an alarm system! There are sensors that monitor your basement for water damage, your workshop for freezing temperature, your garage for fires, even your priceless art can be armed.
Hidden Systems
When building a new home or renovation you have the opportunity to build in a hidden alarm system. The afterthought systems rely on stick-on contacts and batteries which stick out and need to be maintained. Let me build a custom alarm system into your new home to meet your needs without sacrificing the design.


Traditional DVR System
The packaged DVR camera systems are the most cost effective method to record 4-16 cameras all in one box. These systems are the most commonly used camera security on the market and when set up correctly can provide a good recording of your properties events.
Cloud Recording
Many home owners are looking for a simple camera solution without the wiring and recording being in their house. With cloud recording a camera can be simply installed then be recorded and viewed remotely outside of the home. Cloud recording provides a strong solution for the homeowner looking for one or two cameras.
IP Cameras
With the new large leaps in IP Camera technology they have become a practical and cost effective solution for many homeowners and businesses. With a network based camera system you can have multiple cameras in multiple locations, buildings, or even cities all recorded back to one central recorder. With a traditional DVR system a burglar can take or destroy the hard drive if they have access to it. An IP camera system can hide the recorder away in a separate building, or have multiple recorders for redundancy. The security possibilities are endless!

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