Builder’s Portal

I offer a variety of packages aimed towards townhouses and smaller condo style living.  I work with each builder to tailor packages that work for both the home owner and the builder.  Please contact me if you are interesting in offering my services to your home buyers.

For each builder I create basic packages that work for both you and your home buyers.  With larger homes, many home buyers have many special request.  I can work directly with designers or the home buyers to make sure every home buyer gets the system they want.

For large custom home builders I work directly with the client and the builder to create the system the home owner wants.  This process involves several meetings and a custom quote is created.  If you are interested in working with me on a custom project please call or email me and we can set up a meeting.


In-Ceiling Speakers
In-Ceiling and in-wall speaker packages are available with a variety of different looks and quality. There are completely hidden theater setups as well as cost effective background music solutions.
The modern TV trend is to have a thin TV mounted on a wall or fireplace with all the equipment hidden. Our HDMI packages prepare the house for a simple TV install with no external wires showing.
Security Systems
When building a new home you have the opportunity to build in a hidden alarm system. The afterthought systems rely on stick-on contacts and batteries which stick out and need to be maintained. Let me build a custom alarm system into your new home to meet your needs without sacrificing the design.
I simplify the complex world of cameras so my clients get a system that meets their needs. There are many options for cameras with endless features and a huge range in picture quality, all of the technical information can easily be overwhelming to most consumers. Let me create package for you to suit your needs.
Wired Networking
I use the most modern network cabling to future proof your homes. Wiring all of your important network devices frees up bandwidth on the WIFI and ensures you always have the fastest possible connection.
Wifi Networking
Many new large homes simply cannot be covered by one WIFI router. I provide mesh Wifi solutions to cover large areas and ensure a strong connection throughout the home.