Networking Solutions


Starting from a new construction, renovation, or upgrading an existing network, I provide a complete networking solution to meet your needs. I have years of experience in designing networks, horizontal cabling, and hardware installation, to bring your networking needs to a finished product. Please explore the following networks and learn how Weidmark Integrated Technologies can create a solution for you.



Mobile Friendly
Mobile Data is extremely expensive in Canada, upgrading your home's WIFI ensures you and your kids stay off cellular data. Cellular signal boosters and repeaters are also available.
Mesh WIFI Networks
A single WIFI point does not provide adequate coverage in a house or business to solve this a mesh networks combine multiple Access Point into one reliable strong network. The access points automatically self-form and self-heal to provide seamless coverage with automatic roaming
Wired Connections
Wired connections are the backbone of a reliable network. I provide a variety of horizontal cabling solutions for both new construction and retro fits.


Network Monitoring
Through cloud tracking I provide my clients with 24/7 network health monitoring, keep equipment updated, and prevent network failures. Preventative maintenance saves hours of down time that can cost your business sales and productivity.
Public WIFI
Providing your customers with a free WIFI connection is important for business. Public networks can be customized with powerful captive portal features, while private networks work seamlessly as an extension of your LAN. Each network can be uniquely named, left visible or hidden, and left open or password-protected with WPA2 encryption.
Link your home or business up 300km away through a Point-to-Point wireless bridge. For rural customers this allows a LAN connection to be sent to a barn, shop, or cottage, that has no means of a cable connection. Businesses can link multiple locations together to create one local network without paying multiple ISP account.

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